A flying car capable of more than 200mph in the air has been proposed by a British company. It has four large ducted electrically-powered fans rotating through 90-degrees to become wheels for driving on the road.

The £1.5m Neo X-Craft is a joint project from Nottingham-based aviation company VRCO and the University of Derby. and is being designed to use scaled-up drone technology.

Daniel Hayes, CEO and co-founder of VRCO, told the Derby Telegraph newspaper, “We are about to build the prototypes to get it to certification and that’s going to take at least 18 months.

“If we are successful then we are hopeful of having something we can insure and sell. These will be supercars of the skies. They are luxury and high-performing.”

VRCO Neo X Craft VRCO Neo X Craft

The Neo X-Craft will have flight controllers capable of managing each individual engine, gimbal and fan blade pitch to keep the craft stable, to take off and land safely and to fly in the necessary direction, said VRCO.

“This configuration removes the need for elevators, rudders and other traditional aircraft components.

“The ducted fans are highly efficient and the blades are made of advanced composites which provide the strength.”

VRCO Neo X-Craft

  • Two person capacity, 180kg
  • Cruise speed 180 knots, 200mph, 333 kph
  • Two-hour duration off a single charge
  • Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL)
  • Autonomous Flight
  • Ability to drive legally on roads
  • Hybrid and Electric Power
  • Switchable power pods for instant power off grid
  • Fast Recharge
  • Integrated Energy Recovery System (KERS)
  • Emergency parachute system

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