Flying low, slow, quietly, in luxury over wild landscapes… sounds brilliant and that’s what Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) is planning for its Airlander airship.

HAV has teamed up with Henry Cookson Adventures (HCA) to trial an expeditionary journey in 2018, possibly leading to Airlander’s use in the luxury travel and adventure sector. Henry Cookson Adventures is a British luxury travel expert.

There’s more. Thanks to a British govt grant, renowned British design company, Design Q, is to create a cabin and interior for the tourism variant of the Airlander.

The ability to stay aloft for days at a time, in virtual silence, with floor-to-ceiling windows and fresh air, makes Airlander perfect for cruising in exceptional locations. That plus the ability to land almost anywhere sets the airship apart.

On completion of the trial flight in 2018, HCA ultimately plans to take the type-certified Airlander 10 to a range of destinations including the North Pole, Bolivian Salt Pans and Namib Desert.

HCA is able to deliver often inaccessible experiences to clients, collaborating with leading scientists, explorers and conservationists.

Airlander 10
Airlander 10 is currently going through flight trials.
Airlander 10 airship
Plenty of room for a luxurious cabin below the Airlander 10. [All photos: HAV]

Hybrid Air Vehicles seeks AIM listing

Founded in 2007, Hybrid Air Vehicles is the company behind the innovative Airlander range of hybrid aircraft. ‘Hybrid’ means it combines lighter than air conventional airship technology with lift created by airspeed – moving forwards – thanks to the shape of the airship. The advantage is that with no forward motion, the airship sinks slowly and is thus easier to manage on landing, parked, taxying and take-off.

Airlander’s capabilities ultra-endurance combined with large payloads, perfect for special missions such as surveillance, search and communications aspects, and will lead to passenger and cargo carrying roles.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd was recently accepted onto London Stock Exchange’s ELITE programme for high growth companies looking to seek a listing on the AIM Stock Market.

Hybrid Air Vehicles
Henry Cookson Adventures
Design Q



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