You know how it is when riding a bicycle: great on the flat, brilliant downhill but tough on the hills unless your name is Alberto Contador. What you need is an e-bike and here’s BMW’s latest.

The BMW Active Hybrid e-bike is equipped with a comprehensively revised drive concept, which makes its presence felt in the form of a significant power boost.

The advanced Brose electric motor can be activated as required to supplement the rider’s pedal power. Producing an output of 250W and 90Nm (66ft-lb) of torque, the motor injects extra dynamism and serves up the agility for which BMW is renowned.

BMW e-bike

Providing the energy for the electric pedal assistance – over a range of up to 100km (62 miles) – is a removable 504Wh battery. The rider can adjust the degree of pedal assistance via the new display wuth four different power modes from ECO (+50%) to TURBO (+275%) which can be selected up to a maximum 25km/h (16mph).

Plus, the micro USB socket and Bluetooth function allow customers to hook their smartphone up to the bike.

The motor and battery are fully integrated into the hydroformed aluminium frame, which has the familiar BMW “bullneck ” and Frozen Black and Arctic Silver paintwork. PLus there’s a new saddle for more comfort. Price? €3,400, gulp!

BMW e-bikes

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