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Delta Charlie

Hi, I’m ‘Delta Charlie’ in the lingo known as radiotelephony. Most of the places I’ve worked, and many of my friends, have referred to me as ‘DC’, then when I moved into aviation, that became ‘Delta Charlie’.

I’ve been a journalist for a very long time… a really long time. I’ve worked on motorbike newspapers and magazines, car magazines and, more recently, aviation publications. I’ve also worked on some #NoHorsepower magazines as well, including one about running and keeping fit, but prefer something with an engine.

So, with a private pilot’s licence, full motorcycle licence, car and tractor licence, I’m more or less qualified to write about my favourite things.

If you’d like to get in contact, please use the form below or this email address: editor@deltacharlie.com I’m often ‘on the road’, either for this blog or on assignment for clients, but I do pick up emails on a regular basis. I’m based in Dorset, UK.

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