+VIDEO “The Energica Ego has rocked our world on the road and at this year’s TT Zero,” wrote Motor Cycle News (MCN) roadtester Adam Child about the bike that’s the first to win the Electric Bike of the Year in MCN’s prestigious annual awards.

Adam rode a standard production Energica Ego in this year’s TT Zero, a one-lap race for electric bikes that’s been dominated so far by one-off specials.

“We made a slice of history when we joined forces with Energica’s UK importer, Moto Corsa in the summer to become the first team to race an electric production bike in the TT Zero race,” said Adam.

“Not only did we make the grid, we finished seventh and set a new production electric bike lap record in the process. Amazingly only three bikes completed a lap on the first night of practice: ours, and two, million-dollar factory Mugens ridden by Bruce Anstey and Guy Martin.

“We set a benchmark speed of 74.79mph and over the course of the week that pace climbed to 79.63mph and 80.72mph – fast enough to have placed the Ego second in the first-ever TT Zero race in 2009.

“It was a special moment as I crossed the line to finish the race in seventh place. I had 17% battery left, clocked 100.47mph though the speed trap and over the TT’s bumpiest sections the Energica was unfazed and soaked up the punishment.”

So what is the Erergica Ego? It’s Italian, styled like a full-on sports bike and fitted with high quality components… and costs £27,999.

Like all electric bikes and cars, there’s strong pulling power (torque) immediately you twist the throttle – twice as much as a standard petrol engined sports bike. There are four riding modes, useful if you want to dial it back a bit on wet roads when all that torque could be embarrassing. It is also fitted with an energy recovery system when braking, similar to F1’s KERS.

From Adam’s report and other roadtests, there appear to be just two downsides – weight and range. Both are linked to battery technology, which is moving on rapidly but there’s clearly still a long way to go.

Fast Facts

  • Max speed Limited to 150mph (240km/h)
  • Torque 148ftlb (200Nm)
  • Power 145hp/107kW
  • Riding modes Urban, Eco, Rain, Sport
  • Battery Lithium polymer, 11.7kWh, with a life of 1200 Cycles @ 80% capacity
  • Recharge 30 min (0-85% Soc) Mode 4 DC Fast Charge, 3.5 hours (0-100% Soc) Mode 2 or 3 Charge

UK dealer Moto Corsa, Gillingham, Dorset

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