Salcombe lifeboat coxswain Cameron Sims-Sterling made an unusual rescue swapping the helm of the RNLI’s Atlantic 75 inflatable boat for his personal 1961 Land Rover.

The rescue? A £205,000 Overfinch Range Rover Autobiography stuck in the mud of the bay while trailering a jetski.

The video above shows the rescue after the tuned, lowered and blinged-out Range Rover couldn’t find any grip with its low profile road-orientated tyres.

Cameron, aged 30, is also assistant harbour master at Salcombe Harbour. He told the Daily Mail, “It was my day off but a colleague gave me a call explaining the situation so I came in to help. My car has a mechanical winch on the front, so we used that to pull the other car free. His car had 22 inch wheels with road tyres, which aren’t great for off-road, and his car probably weighs three times more than mine.

“I’ve had my Land Rover for five years and it has never broken down on me, and never got stuck anywhere. Everyone around here calls it the mountain goat.

“Those Range Rovers are quite nice, I would quite like one, but I wouldn’t swap my Land Rover for one. That’s staying for ever.”

No word on who was driving the Overfinch Range Rover but we hope he made a generous donation to the RNLI…

Salcombe Lifeboat
Overfinch Range Rover



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