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UK Budget 2017: electric vehicle grant to continue

EV grant Budget 2017

The UK government has confirmed it will invest £200m in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as well as continuing the existing £1500 grant towards the cost of a new electric vehicle – which includes motorcycles.

In his Autumn Budget speech, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced that the government would invest £200m to support the wider roll-out of charging infrastructure. It will be matched by private investment to create a £400m ‘Charging Investment Infrastructure Fund’ to increase the network of charging points for ultra-low emission vehicles.

Hammond also committed to extending the current Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant, which pays 20% of the purchase price of a new electric vehicle, up to maximum of £1500, until at least 2020.

Zero Motorcycles welcomed the announcement – its motorcycles are eligible for this subsidy, which is arranged by the dealer at the point of sale.

Zero’s UK manager Dale Robinson said: “It’s good news that the government continues to recognise the role that electric vehicles can play in providing a cleaner future. In this past year we have seen a great deal of interest in Zero motorcycles from both the press and public and a constant improvement in the infrastructure will give more and more people a reason to go electric.”

The government also confirmed there will be no benefit-in-kind (BIK) charge on electricity provided by employers to charge employees’ vehicles.  It also said that all new-build homes will have the correct wiring to house electric vehicle charging points.

UK Autumn Budget 2017

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